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Welcome to my Portfolio! 

Hello, I'm Dmitry, a budding UX designer and Product Manager. My journey in the world of design and management began with a strong foundation in business management education. I'm passionate about crafting user-centered experiences that not only meet users' needs but also drive business success.


With a background in business and an eagerness to innovate, I'm excited to embark on this dynamic and creative career path, continually seeking opportunities to learn and grow in the ever-evolving field of UX design and product management.



Trip Split

By Dmitry

Shared expense recording app, that is designed to simplify the process of splitting travel expenses for young travellers.

Duration: 10 weeks

Role: UX/UI Design

Project type: Academic, Capstone

Tools: Figma

One Table

By Dmitry and Dirlene

An App empowering London diners to have the best possible experience of eating out with friends.

Duration: 5 weeks

Role: Project management, UX/UI Design

Project type: Academic

Tools: Figma

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