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One Table

One Table is an app designed to simplify the process of selecting a restaurant for groups. Its user-friendly interface allows users to create groups and vote on restaurant options based on preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for everyone involved.

Role: Product management, UX Design

Project Type: Academic, Capstone

Tools: Figma

Time Line: 5 weeks


Secondary research Restaurant Market

  1. The total Restaurant market in the UK was worth $69.6 billion in 2021

  2. Currently there are over 24,000 restaurants in London

  3. An average brit eats out 1.5 times a week

  4. People between ages 18-24 have the highest rate of eating out in a month.

  5. Women prefer to eat out at restaurants more than man

Primary Research


We have conducted 5 interviews with people who have given us insights on their habits of dining out with friends and what challenges they face. Here are some of the insights we have obtained:


1) "It's difficult to agree on a cuisine when going out."

2) "Finding the day and time is always an issue, and everybody keeps changing the date the day before."

3) "From my experience, some people find it hard to say "No", when something doesn't work for them."

4) "Distance plays crucial role for everyone, where not everyone is willing to travel for a dinner for over 3o minutes."

5)“As an organiser I find it very hard to find a way to make everything work for everyone.”


Problem Space

When a group of friends have decided that they want to go out to eat, the organiser is faced with a series of challenges that they need to address to ensure that all friends will enjoy their experience.


  1. Location/ hours to travel

  2. Different financial situation/ how much everyone is prepared to pay?

  3. Dietary requirements

  4. Likes and preferences

HMW Question


How might we help groups of friends to find a restaurant that would address everyone's needs?


We have created a persona, which is a representation of our target customer. The Persona explores their personality, their habits and their relation to the topic of organising a dining out experience for their friends.

Persona_basic — копия.png

Vision Statement

To empower London diners to have the best possible experience of eating out with friends.

Product Value Proposition

For groups of people who seek to dine out our product is an app that filters the best restaurant options based on the group preferences, reducing the risk of unsatisfying experiences.

Based of Kano model, we have created a table where we have justified how One table differentiates from its competitors.


Снимок экрана 2023-09-19 в 18.39.23.png

Lean Canvas

By creating a Lean Canvas, we were able to a one page business plan for One Table. This has helped us to gather ideas and better understand how our idea can be monitized. 

We have created a series of User Stories, which we later broke down into 3 epics. This has allowed us to find a topic that we are going to explore further and also find specific features that we will need to deliver in our MPV. 

We chose to focus on the topic of group requirements. 

User Stories

Снимок экрана 2023-09-20 в 17.15.35.png


Using Figma, we have created a Minimal Viable Product, which we will be able to test with users. This will allow us to make improvement to usability of our App.

 bnw mVP.png

Product Positioning

Снимок экрана 2023-09-20 в 20.37.25.png
Снимок экрана 2023-09-20 в 20.37.39.png
Снимок экрана 2023-09-20 в 20.37.57.png


With SWOT Analysis, we were able to explore internal, external strengths and weaknesses that One Table faces.

Risk Matrix

We have created a Risk Matrix to access possible risks of staring this business and what possible outcomes we should be prepared for.

High Fidelity Design

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